Lauren DeSoto:

So many good wines and only 365 days to drink them. That’s what makes it tough to pick the best wines of the year. My go-to list of course is the Orvino Wine Website. The wines I tasted from their selections left an impression on me for many reasons: where I was when I tried it, who I was with, the meal that went along.

Lauren DeSoto Manager, NYC
Mrs Dawn Batiste:

Dear John and Family,

I just had to write again to all of you to commend you on your products. After continually buying my favorite wines through a friend of mine in Florida at Publix supermarket, I have finally convinced my local wine/liquor store to carry it. I am giving a variety of your wines as Christmas gifts this year, although I can’t part with my Bosco Montepulciano! Luckily, you have a wonderful selection of great wines that will keep them all happy, without me having to feel guilty about not giving up my favorite. We all continue to enjoy the dips and spreads from Flora Foods, along with my jars of Healthy Purple pie filling. My husband is a HUGE grape pie lover and this makes it easy for me to have a continual supply on hand.

Again, I cannot thank you enough for your continued distribution of such wonderful products. Keep up the great work and know that I have become your number one advertiser without costing you a penny! Just keep the Bosco Montepulciano flowing!!!

Dawn Batiste – Rome, New York

Mrs Dawn Batiste Consultant
Mrs. Mary Tyler:

Dear John,

I wanted to drop you a line to tell you how SPECTACULAR AND WONDERFUL I think Villa San Giovanni Nero D’Avola is. My husband and I were in South Florida in July and I was able to taste a variety of wines. I was NOT a red wine drinker, but I have since become a convert! I just finished ordering ANOTHER case (that’s 2 in one month!) and I will be out there for the weekend at the end of the month to pick up more. I have told everyone and anyone who will listen about how wonderful this wine is. Keep up the GREAT work! Thank you for distributing such a terrific product.

Mary Tyler – Rensselaer, New York

Mrs. Mary Tyler Taster