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Orvino Wine brings you contemporary Italian wines intended for the enjoyment of “la dolce vita.” They express both passion and style which are essential to the Italian lifestyle. When you drink our wines our sole purpose is to make you experience a feeling of enjoyment, celebration and most of all, being in touch with your senses. Our Wines can be enjoyed by wine drinkers of all levels. With elegant aromas and rich fruit flavors, they offer a variety of styles, typically Italian, that compliment almost any occasion. From the light and fresh personality of Pinot Grigio, delightful as an apertivo, to the balanced and smooth Prosecco, to the intense and delicate Moscato, to the velvety and complex style of Merlot, ideal with your pasta, to the fragrant and ruby red Toscana Rosso, perfect for rich stews, and the balanced and complex Chianti with its persistent fruit flavors.

Our Wines

The Orvino Wine family of wines began with roughly 40 labels, all from Italy. While being extremely conscientious of the quality represented, and the markets served, the portfolio now includes more than 200 labels, representing Argentina, Chile, Australia, France, USA, Spain, and Italy. With strong partnerships and family connections in all regions in Italy, the Orvino Wine portfolio only continues to get stronger. Orvino Wine prides itself on being able to offer highly sought after and recognizable labels, at a value unparalleled by other wine regions in the world.

  • Los Cropos from Argentina
  • Aromo wines from Chile
  • Torre de Rejas from Spain
  • Bordeaux from France
  • Caves Da Cepa from Portugal

Our Inspiration

  • Italian Vineyards
    Italy is home of the oldest wine-producing regions in the world and Italian wines are known worldwide for their broad variety.
    One feature is the organizational overall simplification of the roduction..
  • The Grapes
    The excellent microclimate, together with a wise respect for tradition on one hand and continual innovation on the other, are the keys to the fullbodied and harmonious character of its wines. Alongside the Chianti Classico and the Riserva there is also the Montarsiccio, an elegant Supertuscan
  • Wine Terms
    As it stands, Italy is the world’s second largest producer of wine after France. Each year, one in fifty Italians is involved with the grape harvest.

Learn Wine

Learning to taste wine is no different than learning to really appreciate music or art. Search our pages to learn the basics

This is true if simply enjoying wine is your goal. You don’t have to do more than take a sip, give it a swallow and let your inner geek decide “yes” or “no.” The end.

If you are ordering a bottle of wine in a restaurant, you want to be certain that the wine you receive tastes the way it was intended to taste.


This is exactly what wine professionals—those who make, sell, buy, and write about wine—are able to do. For any wine enthusiast, it’s the pay-off for all the effort..

  • Hold your nose
  • Swallow
  • Give it a good sniff
  • Isolate Flavors
  • Assign Language to Them